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Michael Lachowicz

George Trois Group - Aboyer, Silencieux & George Trois

Chef Michael Lachowicz went from helping in his family’s Chicago restaurant to cooking in kitchens from New York to France. With many successful restaurants under his toque, he embodies classic French cuisine and created a culinary destination in the North suburbs of Chicago.

From the age of three, Chef Michael Lachowicz was enthralled with the kitchen, as he found himself peeling potatoes in his grandfather’s small family restaurant. By age 13, he was working full-time at a hotel and four years later, he was off to New York to attend the prestigious, Culinary Institute of America. It was while attending CIA that Michael was introduced to the kitchen of Maxime Ribera, a member of the Maitre Cusinier de France. Michael studied under Chef Ribera for two years before returning to Chicago for a three-year stay at Le Francais in Wheeling, IL. It was there that Michael found his passion and honed his skills with sauce work under the careful direction of the famed, Jean Banchet and later Roland Liccioni.

After his stay at Le Francais, Michael took on the position of Sous Chef for Café La Cave Restaurant in Des Plaines, IL. Shortly after that, it was off to France for a short stage at the renowned restaurant “Pierre Orsi” in Lyon. During his stay in France, Michael traveled to each region dining in as many highly rated restaurants as he could afford. Michael returned to the states after six months and took the position as Chef de Cuisine at the Highwood restaurant, Allouette.

In 1999, he and his brother decided to take a leap of faith, and together, opened the highly regarded and awarded, Les Deux Gros, in Glen Ellyn, IL. Les Deux Gros received countless awards and accolades, including four stars and “Restaurant of the Year” in 2002 from Chicago Sun-Times. They received three and a half stars and “Chef to Watch” from Chicago Tribune, plus three stars and noted as one of the Best New Restaurants in Chicago Magazine’s annual restaurant issue that same year. Additionally, the restaurant was recognized by national food publications including Bon Appetit, Gourmet and Food & Wine.

In 2005, he opened Restaurant Michael, winning more critical acclaim by receiving three stars from Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Magazine. Known for his classic French, yet modern menu, Michael has become a mainstay on Chicago’s North Shore and a go-to for delectable French cuisine.

In his 10th year, Michael launched a new experience within his eponymous restaurant. Named in honor of his grandfather and uncle, George Trois is a 14-seat dining room offering multi-course degustation menus and a true tasting experience of modern French cuisine. Both Chicago Tribune and Chicago Magazine awarded George Trois four stars, heralding that Michael set a new standard for French cuisine.

In 2019, George Trois became the first-ever suburban restaurant to be named Restaurant of the Year by the Jean Banchet Awards. A few months later, Michael closed Restaurant Michael after 14 years to renovate and create two new restaurants. In May 2019, Michael opened Aboyer and Silencieux alongside George Trois, creating three distinct restaurant experiences at one address.

Michael resides in Elmwood Park with his wife Alexis and their two dogs, Kirby and Wilbur and two cats, Henry & John.

Miguel Escobar


Miguel started his restaurant career in 1986 at Café Champs Ellysee, where he moved up the ranks and eventually became the restaurant’s Sous Chef.  He later moved to the Ravinia Bistro, where he worked for 14 years as Chef D’Cuisine, followed by time spent as Executive Chef at Mimosa in Highland Park. Miguel joined Restaurant Michael in 2006 as Chef de Cuisine and became Executive Chef & Partner in 2019 with the expansion of George Trois Group.

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Sergio Angel


Sergio began his restaurant career the summer of 1997, working for Michael and Tom Lachowicz at the North Riverside Country Club as a busboy. In 1999, he took the opportunity to work with Michael and Tom at their first restaurant Les Deux Gros in Glen Ellyn, where he moved up the ranks as a food runner.  During his time at Les Deux Gros, Sergio’s parents planned to move to San Antonio, but Sergio was happy and comfortable here in Chicago working with Michael and Tom. His parents agreed that he should stay and work with the Lachowicz’s who took him under their wing and gave him a place to live for a few years. Eventually Sergio began to work at Cafe La Cave, where he runs into Michael once again, who was consulting for the restaurant. Afterwards, Sergio worked for Mon Ami Gabi and had the opportunity to work with Chef Roland Liccioni at Old Town Brasserie.  He later was called to work for Michael once again at Restaurant Michael and has been with the restaurant since it opened in 2005 as General Manager and Wine Director. Sergio became Partner with the expansion of George Trois Group.


Hernan Vasquez


Hernan’s passion for food started at a young age. His father worked as a farmer and would often bring home fresh quails, river shrimp, rabbits and exotic fruits. Some of his earliest memories are of his mother cooking in the kitchen and always having something to eat on the table, even when it wasn’t meal time. While pursuing a degree in accounting, his parents decided to move the family to the United States. It was in Chicago, where Hernan fell into the culinary industry meeting his longtime passion for food in the kitchen.

Hernan began his restaurant career in 2004 as a dishwasher. Six months later, he began working at Guildhall for three years before landing at Restaurant Michael in 2008. It was at Restaurant Michael where Hernan’s passion and skill for cooking started to exponentially grow. He left briefly in 2015 to return to Guildhall, where he worked in the kitchen for a few years before rejoining the Restaurant Michael & George Trois family in 2019. He wasn’t about to miss the chance to be a part of the expansion of George Trois Group and new chapter for the restaurant.  

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Lindsey Bullen


With a passion for being curious, this self-proclaimed old soul was concocting Manhattans for her Grandfather at 12 years old, but it wasn’t until she found herself in LA’s bar scene, when she realized her talent in mixology.

After attending Ithaca College in New York, Lindsey moved to LA where she started working with a catering company for large events such as movie openings and private parties at celebrity houses. Lindsey began bartending one year later at a few different restaurants, quickly discovering her passion for mixology.

She moved back to Chicago in 2017 and since then, has worked at Tiny Lounge in Logan Square as the bartender, bar manager, and general manager, Izakaya Mita, and others. While working at Izakaya Mita, she met Michael Lachowicz and his wife Alexis when a party of chefs came in to experience a tasting menu with paired cocktails. Learning neither of them drank alcohol, she whipped up a few mocktails on the fly impressing Michael so much he asked for the recipes. Fast-forward to present day, she’s now the Beverage Director for George Trois Group.