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★★★★ George Trois review- Winnetka restaurant-within-a-restaurant is superb

“Michael Lachowicz's George Trois, a five-table dining room nestled within his 12-year-old Restaurant Michael in Winnetka, is old school in the historic sense. It's not that George Trois rejects the new (it does not), but it honors the past to a greater degree than any restaurant I can recall.”

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★★★★ George Trois Sets a New Standard for French Cuisine

“George Trois has created a seamless continuum between tradition and modernity, and that’s no easy feat. So, chapeau to Lachowicz for not merely surviving but evolving. “I still care what people think,” he says. “But now I’m comfortable enough that I don’t give a shit if they approve.” After decades of channeling Jean Banchet and his ilk, Lachowicz has finally found the confidence and strength to mine the past and strike gold.”

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Chicago's Best French Restaurant Is In...Winnetka?

“Compared to Chicago stalwarts like Les Nomades and Everest, George Trois feels more lively, earnest and cozy. They're not sleepwalking through service here, but presenting every plate with panache. Dinner proceeds at a relaxed pace to the soundtrack of classical covers of old pop songs from “Eye of the Tiger,” to Lady Gaga's “Bad Romance.”


Chicago’s 50 Best Restaurants - No. 10: George Trois, masterful on a small stage

“Chef Michael Lachowicz honors his French-cuisine mentors in this five-table North Shore dining room, tucked inside Restaurant Michael (no culinary slouch, either). Abetted by mature, utterly professional service, Lachowicz’ set menu (the number of courses, several of which are served tableside, can vary) offers luxury without excess, embodying all that is admirable about “old-school” flavor and hospitality.”

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Top 40 Restaurants in the US 2018 - No. 14

“It's not uncommon to see a chef mingling with guests. To have him cook and hand deliver each dish personally, however, feels like a special occasion. Indeed, this single room, five-table restaurant next to chef Michael Lachowicz's Restaurant Michael achieves that level of intimacy with a classic French tasting menu and the top toque's friendly banter. Eating in the white-washed dining room, refined yet without pretension, feels like having dinner at a family friend's, complete with a fireplace adorned with candles. Service complements the chef's warmth; pours of wine and bread replenishment don't miss a beat.”